18-Year-Old Maid Faces 3-Year Jail Term for Poisoning Boss[Image Credit: Shutterstock]

18-Year-Old Maid’s Poison Plot Lands Her Behind Bars for 3-Years

In a shocking turn of events, the 18-year-old maid, Nyaradzo Gosha, who made headlines last week for pleading guilty to attempted murder by poisoning her employer’s food, has been sentenced to an effective 3-years imprisonment.

Guilty Plea and Sentencing

Gosha appeared before regional magistrate Letwin Rwodzi, where she admitted to lacing her employer Konai Muzhangiri’s food with rat poison. The magistrate handed down a four-year sentence, with one year suspended on the condition that Gosha avoids committing a similar offense in the next five years.

Treated as an Adult

Despite being a minor at the time of the offense, Gosha was treated as an adult during the court proceedings. Magistrate Rwodzi emphasized the severity of the crime, stating that the accused had endangered the complainant’s family despite having the option to leave. The offense was deemed to be well-planned, and Gosha’s moral blameworthiness was considered high.

Deterrent Sentence

Magistrate Rwodzi emphasized the need for a “short and sharp” sentence that would deter others from committing similar offenses. The verdict aims to send a strong message to potential offenders and discourage any attempts to harm employers or their families.

The Poisoning Plot Unveiled

During the court hearing, it was revealed that Gosha approached their neighbor, Thandiwe Mandibaya, and expressed her dissatisfaction with Muzhangiri. She claimed that her wages were delayed, and she was being denied food. Mandibaya allegedly advised Gosha to poison Muzhangiri. Acting upon this advice, Gosha laced various food items, including juice, yeast, oats, spices, and fenugreek seeds, with rat poison in an attempt to harm her employer and her five-year-old child.

Narrow Escape and Confession

Fortunately, Muzhangiri became suspicious of the juice’s smell and suspected foul play, reported hmetro. She reported the incident to the police, leading to Gosha’s arrest. Under interrogation, Gosha confessed to the offense and implicated Mandibaya as the one who advised her to commit the act.

Intentions Clarified

When questioned about her intentions had Muzhangiri and her son succumbed to the poisoning, Gosha claimed that she did not intend to kill them. However, her actions clearly demonstrated a deliberate and dangerous attempt to harm her employer and her child.