Loveness MunemoImage Credit H-Metro

Victim Scammed Out of US$900 by Lino Link Properties Employee

Tamari Zhanje, the victim, had paid US 900 for a flat at Farai Court along Baines Avenue after being shown videos of the flat and going to view it with another agent, identified only as Faith. However, after paying the deposit and rent, Loveness Munemo was nowhere to be found when Tamari asked for the keys and lease agreement.

Lino Link Properties Management Acknowledges The Faud

The director of Lino Link Properties, Tawanda Loverage Munemo, acknowledged the fraudulent case. He explained that his daughter, Loveness, who was responsible for the scam, had fallen ill, which prevented her from refunding the client. According to H-Metro, Tawanda assured the victim that they would receive their money back the following day. “She phoned the client for a refund, and I am sure that she will be refunded tomorrow (today),” Munemo stated. Munemo’s admission of the fraud is a step in the right direction towards holding individuals accountable for their actions and preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Police Warn Against Fraudulent Property Schemes

Harare provincial police deputy spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova, urged people to conduct checks with the Deeds Office and local police stations when dealing with property agencies. Most of these houses being advertised as being sold are mostly abandoned houses.

“The local police station will help and assist in telling and revealing known abandoned houses.” He also warned of fraudulent schemes using unregistered mobilephone lines and lost national identity documents. Dzvova added that the police had received a report against Loveness and that she had other similar cases against her: “Police received a report against Loveness and she has other cases as well.”