Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Threatens Removal Of Satellite Dishes As Al Jazeera Documentary Exposes Corruption[Image Credit: VOA]

ZANU-PF Director Threatens Zimbabweans Watching Foreign News


Tafadzwa Mugwadi, ZANU-PF Director of Information, has issued a threat to disconnect satellite dishes from all households of “unpatriotic” Zimbabweans watching foreign news stations. This comes after Al Jazeera released a trailer for their four-part investigation into corruption and money laundering in Zimbabwe, titled “Gold Mafia.”

Mugwadi insists that patriotic Zimbabweans should not watch foreign news stations that peddle unpalatable content about grand corruption and looting of minerals by Zanu PF elites. He listed several news channels that Zimbabweans should avoid, including Al Jazeera, SABC, CNN, BBC, France 24, Sky News, Fox News, ABC News, Euro News, NBC News, and Al Arabiya.


In Mugwadi’s words,

“The Government of Zimbabwe must start removing satellite dishes from people’s houses who are not patriotic to Zimbabwe. The government and ZBC have the right to remove all satellite dishes across Zimbabwe,” as per New Zimbabwe.


Al Jazeera had planned to air the first episode of “Gold Mafia” on March 2, but the broadcast was stopped without explanation. The investigation, which was conducted by undercover journalists, reveals how criminal networks turn dirty cash into gold, exposing the complicity of global financial institutions, regulators, and governments in the criminality.

Al Jazeera’s statement said,

“The report we were planning to release will no longer be released this morning (March 2). Bear with us while a new release time is arranged.”

This move by Mugwadi has sparked outrage among Zimbabweans who see it as a violation of their freedom of expression. As one concerned citizen put it,

“It’s outrageous that someone in Mugwadi’s position would try to control what people watch and listen to. We have the right to access information from any source, regardless of whether it’s local or foreign.”


Mugwadi’s threat to disconnect satellite dishes in the homes of Zimbabweans watching foreign news has worried many who feel, Zimbabweans must be allowed to access information from any source, and their freedom of expression must be protected.