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Waterfall Woman Drags Husband to Court After 8-Month Mysterious Absence

A woman from Waterfall, Petronella Matsimba, drags her husband who has been away for 8-months to court to seeking an interdict to prevent Motion Charley, from entering their matrimonial home. She alleges that her husband is physically and verbally abusive.

A Troubled Marriage Unveiled

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Petronella revealed that their dispute began when Motion started staying away from home due to infidelity issues. She claimed that he took away several household items, including a fridge, speakers, wardrobe, and his clothes, before leaving their home. This incident occurred eight months ago, and Petronella has been residing in the house since then.

Accusations and Counter-Accusations

According to Petronella, her husband accused her of having an affair with their neighbor when he discovered that she had been selling pit sand provided by the neighbor. He even went as far as calling Petronella’s mother to claim that he had caught her with a boyfriend. Motion allegedly sent his son to attempt to evict Petronella from their matrimonial home.

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Husband Denying the Allegations

The husband on the other hand, denied the allegations and accused Petronella of having an affair with their next-door neighbor. He stated that they were currently not living together and cited a fight that ensued when he returned from out of town. Motion claimed that Petronella had expelled his two children from a previous marriage from the house, accusing her of cheating. He expressed concern for his children’s well-being and emphasized his desire to return to the house.

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Court’s Decision

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed Petronella’s application for an interdict, citing a lack of merit. She did not find sufficient grounds to grant the requested relief.


As the legal proceedings continue, the couple faces the challenge of finding a resolution that ensures the safety and stability of all parties involved. We hope that they can sit down together and talk through without violence. Cases of couple having a dispute and resolving to physical violence are on a rise as indicated by a recent report by H-Metro, of a UK man who murdered his wife.