Greatman Celebrates 1st Wedding Anniversary In StyleGreatman Celebrates 1st Wedding Anniversary In Style [cred: Greatman Facebook]

Watch| Greatman Celebrates 1st Wedding Anniversary In Style

Popular musician Greatman, real name Tongai Gwaze, yesterday took to social media to show off how he celebrated his first wedding anniversary.
In images circulating on social media, Greatman showed off a bucket of love that he got his wife as a present to celebrate the milestone.
He also sent out a message to all individuals who made their wedding dream a reality.
Nhac is our 1st Anniversary.ichi chinhu chakasungwa pano pasi nekudenga.Rutendo Rwangu rwukuru kune ve TEO Events the best wedding organizers, all the services providers and individuals vakaisa musoro pamwe kundiitirawo chinhu chikuru chakadai,as Gwaze family we really appreciate May God bless u abundantly.
Ndisingakanganwe vese vakakwanisa kuvepo musi wacho witnessing the occasion The family and the extended family,friends,musicians,socialites,and fans nemi vakangouyawo makasimbisa ndokutendai mose,chose,zvose zvaitwa zvapera mbiri yose toisa Kuna Musiki
Makaita henyu Mwari.
Check out the last few hours of their anniversary below;

This comes after controversial social media personality Felistas “Mai TT’ Murata said she won’t be pushing initiatives that give back to the community because of her encounter with the musician.

Mai TT took to Facebook and aired out her grievance on how Greatman took advantage of her kindness.

“I’ve done a lot of good things for a lot people, but they take it for granted. You forget the good things I’ve done.

“You remember when I helped Greatman get the electrical wheelchair, but makandituka left right and centre.

That wheelchair cost US$25 000 and l worked day in day out for Greatman to get it, but there has never been a day he thanked me,” she said.

She said after all she had done for him, he actually insulted her.

“I got a lot of insults from him and he didn’t even thank me for the wheelchair he is currently using.

“All l know is God is watching and he notices.

“I have now decided to take care of my family, zvevanhu kwete,” she said.


By Mandisa