WATCH: Dzivarasekewa 1 High School Teacher Brutally Beating Student[Image Credit: X]

WATCH: Dzivarasekewa 1 High School Teacher Brutally Beating Student

Watch, an alleged teacher at Dzivarasekwa 1 High School is seen brutally beating a student with a pipe, sparking a wave of outrage and concern. The incident has ignited a heated debate online, with various theories emerging as to the motive behind the assault.

Conspiracy Theory Surrounding the Incident

Dzivarasekwa Teacher Beating a Student

According to a prevailing conspiracy theory, the assault was triggered by the student’s hair, which supposedly did not meet the school’s standards. It is believed that the teacher intended to cut the student’s hair, but when met with resistance, resorted to violence before proceeding with the haircut. This theory has fueled discussions on the appropriate disciplinary measures in educational institutions.

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Speculation on Teacher Frustration

As controversy unfolds, some claim economic strain on teachers fuels frustration, potentially affecting classroom behavior. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that this speculation does not excuse or justify the alleged assault.

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Mixed Reactions on Social Media

The video has generated a mixed response on social media platforms, with users expressing contrasting views on the incident. Some individuals have criticized the lack of immediate action from women MPs, calling for stronger condemnation of the brutality. Others have defended the teacher’s actions, citing the importance of discipline and adherence to school rules. Meanwhile, concerned voices have called for justice, demanding that the teacher be held fully accountable for the alleged assault.


Instances of teacher-student abuse are on the rise. iHarare recently published leaked chats where students discussed a math teacher’s alleged inappropriate relationships with students.

Reaction From Netizens


Was expecting that by now all women MPs would have risen up and condemned this brutality.


spare the rod and spoil the child


these kids must be disciplined, therz absolutely nothing wrong with the teacher, the kid knows the school rules but chose to ignore which on its own is a form of communication


how does long hair affect perfomance


This just shows how women’s groups are weak in terms of protecting the girl child rn they must be at dzivarasekwa forcing that teacher to resign


There’s no justification, no excuse, no explanation. This is totally unacceptable. No school should permit this. The teacher must be held to full account. Teach, don’t abuse.


This man needs to be arrested. If the haor is too much why didn’t they expel her ?