UK Agency Owner Gladys Chingoka Exposed for Swindling Desperate Zimbabwean "Nurse Aides"[Image Credit: Gladys Chingoka Facebook]

UK Agency Owner Gladys Chingoka Exposed for Swindling Desperate Zimbabwean “Nurse Aides”

Gladys Chingoka(52), the owner of the home care agency (Nurse Aides) Home Support Services, has come under scrutiny for allegedly mistreating her employees and defrauding desperate job seekers who were brought from Zimbabwe to the (UK) United Kingdom. The agency’s questionable practices have left many Zimbabwean workers earning meager wages.

Exploitative Wages and Discrepancies

Shocking allegations have surfaced claiming that some of the Zimbabwean workers employed through Chingoka’s agency are receiving as little as £150 per month, which amounts to £1,800 per year. This is a fraction of the average salary for care assistants in the UK, which is estimated to be between £17,000 and £19,000 per year. The low wages provided by Chingoka’s agency contrast starkly with industry standards.

Care Assistant Roles and Responsibilities

According to, care assistants in the UK typically provide support to adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health conditions, or older individuals. Their duties can range from assisting with daily activities such as washing, dressing, and meal preparation, to monitoring health conditions, managing medications, and organizing group activities. Care assistants often work flexible or part-time hours, with shifts varying based on the needs of the individuals they support.

Directorship and Company Registration

Gladys Chingoka, is a director in two UK companies, Greencare 23 Limited and Home Support Services. She has been with Home Support Services for eight years and joined Greencare 23 Limited two years ago. Gladys and her husband Elliot Chingoka manage Home Support Services. They provide care for adults with dementia, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities.

Exploitation and Intimidation Allegations

Zimbabwean workers lured to the UK with promises of improved jobs, salaries, and conditions reveal distressing mistreatment by Gladys Chingoka. They claim she pays as low as £150 monthly, disregarding agreed wages for full-time work. Allegedly, Chingoka intimidates workers with deportation threats for exposing her actions. Moreover, she stands accused of offering inadequate accommodations and prohibiting secondary employment for her employees, reported hmetro.