SWAG Church Founder Apostle K Exposed Businessmen's Secret Rituals for Prosperity[Image Credit: Facebook]

SWAG Church Founder Apostle K Exposed Businessmen’s Secret Rituals for Prosperity

SWAG Church founder a South African-based musician, Apostle K exposed businessmen’s secret rituals for prosperity. While launching his new church at Harare gardens last Sunday he claimed that business men consult sangomas to prosper.

Empowering Youths through Contemporary Worship

Apostle K and His Wife

Embracing contemporary music and popular culture as tools for engagement, Apostle K expressed his vision for the SWAG Church. He emphasized the prevalence of successful individuals seeking guidance from sangomas and prophets, often turning to them for rituals conducted at night.

“A number of successful businessmen and women consult sangomas and prophets during the night when others will be at home. I have come to my motherland to launch a SWAG church meant to empower the youths,” stated Apostle K.

Nighttime Prayers and Sharing God’s Grace

Drawing inspiration from the biblical accounts of Paul and Silas being delivered from prison during the night, Apostle K announced that prayers at the SWAG Church would also take place during the evenings. He attributed his power and wealth to God’s grace and expressed his desire to share this grace with his community.

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Reflecting on his humble beginnings as a gardener in Botswana, Apostle K declared, “Whoever I touch in prayer will never be the same again.”

Reaching Out to Street Kids and Fighting Substance Abuse

Despite facing challenges during the service, including altercations among street kids, Apostle K expressed gratitude towards the worshippers. He extended his support to the street children, believing that God had plans for their lives and vowing to assist them in combating drug and substance abuse.

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A Promising Start

With a humble beginning in Cape Town, the SWAG Church witnessed an impressive turnout on its first day in Harare. Services at 7pm will empower and transform the youth through grace and contemporary worship.


The launch of the SWAG Church has sparked speculation, questioning Apostle K’s authenticity as a true man of God, and raising concerns about his motives for money.