Senior Police Office Who Was Threatened By Minister Barbra Rwodzi Disappears Mysteriously[Image Credit: ZimLive]

Senior Police Office Who Was Threatened By Minister Barbra Rwodzi Disappears Mysteriously

A senior police officer has gone missing after receiving threats from Zanu PF deputy tourism minister Barbra Rwodzi for arresting a party member. Assistant Inspector Chester Last Matsa’s failure to report for work was announced in a radio dispatch, which said that he went AWOL on 24/07/2023. Inspector Chester has not reported for duty to date.

Be advised that the above-mentioned member went AWOL on 24/07/2023 and has not reported for duty to date. Efforts to locate same at his known address were in vain. If located arrest, detain and advise this loc for escort,” the police radio issued from Shurugwi Police Station said.

Matsa was based at Charandura Police Station in Chirumhanzu but was transferred to Shurugwi after a leaked phone conversation between him and Rwodzi. Rwodzi allegedly threatened Matsa for arresting a party member who was taking down opposition campaign posters.

Threats from Deputy Minister Rwodzi

In the leaked phone conversation, Rwodzi was heard calling Matsa a “dog” and a “stupid idiot” before threatening him. Rwodzi also revealed her close association with police chief Commissioner Godwin Matanga. Matsa filed a police complaint against Minister Rwodzi the following day in Gweru.

Police investigation ongoing

Police are investigating the incident, but Matsa has gone missing, and the police seem unconcerned about his safety. They believe he has deliberately absconded work, reported ZimLive.

Efforts to locate Matsa have been unsuccessful, and his colleagues fear for his safety. Matsa is a married father of six.

Call for action

The incident has sparked outrage, with human rights activists calling for Rwodzi to be held accountable for her actions. The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) have called on the police to ensure the safety of Matsa and to investigate the threats made against him.