Govt's Mega Move Against Bona Mugabe - Title Deeds For 214 000 Sq Metres of Stands Cancelled in Carrick Creagh!Bona Mugabe and Simba Chikore Batlle For Assets Turns SourĀ [Image: Herald/Zimpapers Digital]

Revealed | Here Are Bona Mugabe’s Divorce Demands From Simba Chikore

Bona Mugabe, daughter of the late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, has recently filed for divorce from her husband Simba Chikore, causing a stir on social media. The couple had been married for nine years before their relationship ended in a tragic turn of events.

According to court documents, Bona has demanded that her husband pays $8,100 per month in maintenance for their three children, equating to $2,700 per child. In response, Bona noted that her husband is capable of paying the requested amount since he has a vested interest in several business ventures.

Regarding child custody, Bona seeks full custody of the children as she believes it is in their best interest. Simba Chikore can only have access to the children every other weekend if Bona’s wishes are granted.

Bona Mugabe's Divorce Demands From Simba Chikore
Bona Mugabe’s Divorce Demands From Simba Chikore [Image: Herald/Zimpapers Digital]

“In the event of the granting of the Divorce Decree by the honourable court it will be just and equitable that the Defendant be ordered to pay maintenance for the minor children in the sum of USD2 700 per child monthly until attaining of majority status or they become self-sustaining whichever occurs first,” reads part of the court papers.

With regards to property, the couple has decided to address this issue following the divorce decree. The couple had not lived together for nine months before Bona filed for divorce, with Bona relocating from their marital home in Mount Pleasant to her parents’ mansion in Borrowdale.

There are rumors that the couple’s relationship deteriorated due to infidelity on Simba Chikore’s part. This, according to unconfirmed sources, was the root cause of the irreparable breakdown of their marriage.

Bona Mugabe’s decision to file for divorce has put a spotlight on the cost of divorcing a Mugabe, raising questions about the potential influence of the Mugabe family’s wealth and connections on the legal proceedings. However, the outcome of the case will likely be determined by the evidence presented in court.

By Mandisa