Notorious Nurse Aide Scammer Faces Justice for US$46K Fraud[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Takunda McDonald Pfende Notorious Nurse Aide Scammer Faces Justice for US$46K Fraud

Takunda McDonald Pfende, a nurse aide scammer who defrauded 53 students of a staggering US$46K appeared in court yesterday. McDonald was promising his victims lucrative job opportunities in UK.

Promises of a Golden Opportunity

Nurse Aide Students

Pfende, in collaboration with his accomplice, Daphne Edwards who is currently on the run, targeted Blessing Gwengwe, the students’ teacher. Pfende claimed to possess the authority to provide the students with the necessary Certificates of Sponsorship required for employment as nurse aides in the UK.

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Nurse Aide Victims Deceived and Money Sent

Seizing the opportunity, Gwengwe collected US$850 from each student and sent the funds to Pfende through Mukuru and Access Forex, as instructed. Unfortunately, once the money was received, Pfende allegedly began evading contact. This left Gwengwe with no option but to report the incident to the police.

Fraudster Apprehended

Acting on a tip-off, the police arrested Pfende during a family gathering. He was subsequently brought before the court, where he was granted bail in the sum of US$300.

Legal Proceedings Commence

During the court hearing, the State was represented by Grace Mugocheke. The case sheds light on the prevalence of fraudulent schemes exploiting individuals’ hopes for better opportunities abroad. The victims, left in financial distress, now seek justice and restitution for their losses.

Gardner Faces Maintenance Battle in Harare Civil Court

In a separate story, Brian Gore, a gardner from Borrowdale Brooke appeared at the Harare Civil Court over a maintenance case.

A Battle for Fairness

Gore’s ex-wife, Fiona Mbonga, sought a maintenance fee of US$950 per month for the care of their 14-year-old son. However, the court’s ruling offered a different outcome.

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A Verdict of Reasonableness

The magistrate presiding over the case determined that Brian Gore should pay US$50 per month instead of the requested US$950. Mbonga had accused Gore of neglecting his responsibilities towards their son and failing to pay school fees regularly.


The number of nurse aide students losing their hard-earned money to fraudulent agents like Pfende is increasing. The Herald recently highlighted another case where an agent vanished with a shocking sum of US$36K.