Mourners Turn Treasure Hunters: Gold Discovery at Grave Site Sparks Chaos

Family Shocked as Gold Panners Plunder Father’s Grave


The memorial service of a 69-year-old man in Mazowe turned chaotic when mourners turned into treasure hunters after discovering gold stones at the grave site.

The incident occurred at Mbuya Nehanda Village on Saturday where family and friends were paying their respects to the late Tichawona Chipenya, who was also a gold panner and farmer in Mashonaland Central.

Gold Panning Friends Scramble for Gold

H-Metro reports that according to Chipenya’s son, Kuda, 29, his father’s gold panning friends suddenly started scrambling for the gold stones. He expressed his sadness at the incident, saying, “I was so saddened after witnessing people scrambling for gold from my father’s grave. My father was a man of the people.”

Family Members Speak Out

Chipenya’s sister, Rosemary Nyakudya, 62, was also disheartened by the event. She stated, “My brother’s death saddened me, and this has been worsened after witnessing mourners taking stones from his grave. I later felt better because most of them were ordered to throw the stones back at the grave.” She went on to emphasize that taking anything from the grave without the family’s permission is considered taboo in their culture.

Chipenya’s brother, Michael Namusi, was disappointed by the incident, but he chose not to comment on those who abused his brother’s grave. He simply said, “Our main message from Maruta Village in Hwedza district where this Tichawona came from is, please stop drug abuse.”


Mourners Turn Treasure Hunters: Gold Discovery at Grave Site Sparks Chaos
[Image Credit: Takawira Photoveteran Dapi/H-Metro]

Gold Panner Speaks Out

One of the gold panners at the site, Matthew Magomo, spoke out against the incident. “Firstly, I condemn those who scrambled for gold at this grave site; that is inhuman. Secondly, I educate those who think that gold panning is about beheading each other with machetes that this is not the right way. We are the most disciplined persons here around these Mbuya Nehanda mountains, we are culturally not allowed to engage in prostitution, fighting, stealing of harming each other. If we do that, we will not get any gold.”

Villager Shares Insight

Givemore Tsaratsa, a villager from Mbuya Nehanda Village, confirmed that the incident happened after some mourners came across gold-rich stones. The family and villagers have condemned the actions of the treasure hunters and urged people to respect the cultural norms surrounding burials.

In conclusion, this incident serves as a reminder that cultural customs and traditions should be respected at all times, even during mourning. Taking anything from a grave site without permission is considered taboo and should not be condoned.