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Mother Who Threw SON into Mazowe River Gets One Year in Prison

Trish Machado, a mother who threw her four-year-old son into Mazowe river has been sentenced to 12 months in prison. The High Court found Trish Machando guilt of committing the crime but reduced sentence due to her troubled history.

Judge Esther Muremba stated that if Machado had been older, a sentence of at least 20 years would have been appropriate. However, the court took into account her immaturity and difficult upbringing when deciding on the sentence.

Machado was just 21 years old when she killed her son, and during the trial, she claimed to have suicidal tendencies. However, the court found her claims to be false. It was revealed that Machado was married when she committed the offense, and her husband had accepted her son and treated him well.

Mother’s Reduced Sentence for Rehabilitation

According to H-Metro, Justice Muremba said, “The reduced sentence is also in light of the fact that the accused is a person who has had a difficult life growing up. Life has generally been cruel to her. We will impose a sentence that should enable the accused to get rehabilitated.”

Machado’s troubled history included becoming pregnant at the age of 17. Her difficult upbringing and immaturity were taken into account when deciding on the sentence.

During the trial, the judge asked Machado why she didn’t throw herself into the river at the same time as her son. Machado replied that the river was shallow.

The State revealed that Machado went to Mazowe River Bridge in May last year to meet a woman who wanted to help her secure a job. It was at this point that she threw her son into the river.

Justice Muremba’s verdict has sparked mixed reactions, with some calling for a tougher sentence, while others believe the reduced sentence will give Machado a chance to turn her life around and become a better person.