"Mapenzi Enyika," Mabrijo & DJ Tawaz Take Love to New HeightsImage Credit: Mabrijo facebook

“Mapenzi Enyika,” Mabrijo & DJ Tawaz Take Love to New Heights

In a recent Instagram post, Bridget Panashe Marufu, known as Mabrijo, shared exciting news about her relationship with her boyfriend Tawanda Marimbe, popularly known as Dj Tawaz. The couple is popularly known for their comic gimmicks on social media. Recent posts by Mabrijo have shown that the couple is taking their love to another level.

The Rise of “Mapenzi Enyika”

The couple is known for their comic gimmicks on social media and has been given the name “Mapenzi Enyika.” Their latest display of affection has only fueled the public’s interest in their relationship.

Mabrijo’s Snapshot with Makhadzi Sparks Controversy

Mabrijo recently made headlines after a picture of her and South African musician Makhadzi circulated on social media. The netizens wasted no time expressing their opinions on Mabrijo and Makhadzi’s looks, sparking a heated debate about beauty standards. 

Image Credit: Mabrijo Walletically

Mabrijo’s Unforgettable Night with Jah Prayzah

Mabrijo had the opportunity to meet Makhadzi during a show by fellow Zimbabwean musician Jah Prayzah in Pretoria, South Africa. She posted a clip of herself joyfully dancing while Jah Prayzah performed “Walletically,” a song inspired by Mabrijo herself. 

Mixed Reactions From Mabrijo’s Post


Photo dump of my marriage ❤️❤️❤️chikuru is my happiness kwete mashoko evanhu


Ngaasanyanya kubata face inokwatanuka


Zvinonzi zviuya hazvidondane apa zvakadindana apa


hezvo ko pillow case yeku UZ


Chimarriage chenhema nhema


Chiitai mwana Offset na Cardi B


Cheers to that. It’s all abt happiness most relationships dont have that


Guys are they srs


Chiitai mwana Offset na Cardi B Tione


Smile yaTowers iri genuine


Firita rikati ramutadza tawaz


Zhhhhhhh big sis mukoma towers @djtowerslivinglegend mukapara Apa ndomupamhaa batisisai sis vane hama Ma assassin