[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Man Fatally Shot With Own Gun, Girlfriend Violated in Brutal Attack

In a brutal and heartless attack, a man was fatally shot three times in the head with his own gun while his girlfriend was held hostage and violated by a gang of ruthless thugs. The incident took place last year on November 19, when the couple was sitting in their parked car along Lomagundi Road in Harare.

Attack by Armed Men

According to local tabloid H-Metro,  Tendai Kandendu and his girlfriend were confronted by two armed men, one of whom was identified as Tapiwa Mbirimi, who had pending armed robbery and attempted murder charges. Mbirimi was armed with a pistol while his accomplice had a knife. They demanded money from the couple.

Kandendu Fights Back

However, Kandendu fought back and reached for his gun, which was in the car. A scuffle broke out and the attackers managed to take Kandendu’s gun from him. They then shot him three times in the head, killing him instantly.

Girlfriend Taken Hostage and Violated

The attackers then took Kandendu’s girlfriend hostage and stole the couple’s phones and US$300. Mbirimi dragged the girl to a nearby bush and violated her. He then told her to seek assistance from a nearby house before disappearing into the darkness.

Arrest and Remand

Mbirimi appeared in court yesterday, facing fresh murder, robbery, and rape charges. He was remanded in custody to May 15, pending the finalization of investigations. The court also heard that Mbirimi’s accomplice, only known as Archford, is still at large.

Justice for the Victims

This heinous crime has left the community in shock and outrage. Justice must be served for the victims of this attack, and those responsible must be brought to justice. As the investigation continues, we hope that the authorities will work diligently to ensure that justice is served.