Kuramba Kurambwa Gone Wrong: Man Rushes To Court For Protection Against Bitter Ex-Girlfriend[Image Credit: Yahoo]

Kuramba Kurambwa Gone Wrong: Man Rushes To Court For Protection Against Bitter Ex-Girlfriend

Bulawayo man, Andrew Tshili, a resident of Cowdray Park suburb, has applied for a protection order against his ex-girlfriend, Thandolwenkosi Tshuma, who he claims has turned violent following their breakup.

According to Tshili, Tshuma has been breaking into his house in his absence, taking his blankets and other household items. He also revealed that his ex-girlfriend has poured cold water on his blankets and all over the floor.

“She always comes to my place to torment me,” stated Tshili. “She always says that she wants us to make amends but she does not accept that I no longer love her. Most of the time I sleep without blankets because she takes them or pours water on them. She is always insulting me while threatening to fix me.”

Violent Ex

Tshili further stated that whenever he confronts Tshuma, she becomes violent and punches him while begging him to rekindle their relationship.

He added that she has at times pelted him with stones and branded him a womanizer, reported bmetro.

“When I tell her that I cannot accept her back she fumes and punches me and hurls insults at me. At times she pelted me with stones and would brand me a womaniser,” stated Tshili. 

Tshili applied for a protection order at Western Commonage Court, seeking an end to Tshuma’s torment.

In response to the application, Magistrate Tinashe Ndokera granted Tshili a peace order, ordering Tshuma not to verbally or physically abuse her ex-boyfriend.

Impact of Domestic Violence

The case highlights the impact of domestic violence on victims and the need for effective legal protection. It is a reminder that domestic violence does not only affect women, but men can also be victims.