Infernal Love Triangle: Woman's Fear Deepens as Husband's Lover Threatens Witchcraft[Image Credit: B-Metro]

Infernal Love Triangle: Woman’s Fear Deepens as Husband’s Lover Threatens Witchcraft

A woman from Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North province, finds herself living in fear as her husband’s alleged lover threatens to consult witchdoctors to bewitch her, in an escalating love triangle saga.

Awakhiwe Ncube (22), who resides in South Africa, claims to have married Desmond Ncube in March last year. However, Siduduzile Mankatha insists that Desmond is her husband.

Threats and Intimidation

Awakhiwe recounts her failed attempts to reason with Mankatha and persuade her to leave her husband.

“I discovered some messages in my husband’s phone that Mankatha was cheating with him. I then tried to make a follow up by contacting Mankatha trying to talk with her to leave my husband. But she would not entertain me so that we could settle the matter. She says my husband was also hers. She then started threatening me. Ufuna ukuchitha umuzi wami (she wants to destroy my marriage),” lamented Awakhiwe.

Mankatha responded by sending threatening messages and labeling Awakhiwe a witch on social media platforms.

Desperate Pleas for Peace

Awakhiwe expresses her distress, stating that Mankatha’s actions have disrupted her peace and caused a miscarriage during her pregnancy.

“This is my second year in this marriage but I do not have peace because of this woman. Mankatha is a threat to my marriage,” stated Awakhiwe. “When I was pregnant, she said I will give birth to a goblin and I ended up having a miscarriage.”

She is also concerned about her tarnished reputation online.

Mankatha’s Silence

When approached for comment, Mankatha refused to respond to any questions, redirecting inquiries to Desmond.

Desmond denies being married to Awakhiwe and accuses her of infidelity. He asserts that they were merely cohabiting and that he rekindled his relationship with Mankatha after Awakhiwe cheated on him. Desmond also denies having a child with Awakhiwe, reported bmetro.

Desmond becomes defensive and warns the reporter to stay out of his marital affairs, refusing to provide further details.


The love triangle between Awakhiwe, Desmond, and Mankatha has taken a dark turn, with threats of witchcraft and social media defamation. As tensions escalate and accusations fly, the fate of their relationships hangs in the balance, leaving Awakhiwe in a state of fear and uncertainty.