Couple Having Car S_exCouple Having Car S_ex [Image; Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer]

Harare Man Takes Advantage Of A Couple Having Car S_ex To Steal A TV In The House 

In an unusual case that has left the residents of Retreat Park, Waterfalls, in shock, a 25-year-old Harare man has pleaded guilty to stealing a television set from a woman’s house after taking advantage of a couple having sex in a car.

Blessed Chinounye admitted to the theft, stating that he entered the woman’s house while she was preoccupied with her partner. However, he later returned the stolen television to her after charging her US$50 to get it back.

Chinounye was brought before Mbare magistrate Jacqueline Gara alongside his accomplice, Luckmore Bamu, who disputes the charges.

Couple Having Car S_ex
Couple Having Car S_ex [Image; Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer]


The incident allegedly occurred on March 17, at around 10 pm when the woman locked her doors and went to bed. Chinounye and Bamu gained entry into the house and stole a Samsung TV set.

However, after a few days, the duo returned to the woman and claimed they could help find her stolen TV. They charged her US$50 and returned her TV. The woman asked where they had found the TV, but they refused to disclose any information.

The woman reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest of the two men. During the hearing, Chinounye disputed the State’s version that the woman’s doors were locked and that she was asleep.

“The complainant’s house is on the road I use. As I was passing by, I realized that the doors were open, and she was having quality time in the car. I then took advantage and went into the house. I decided to return the television because I felt bad since I know the complainant,” said Chinounye.

Bamu denied any involvement in the theft, claiming that he only accompanied Chinounye to sell the television. The matter was rolled over to today for bail application for Bamu and sentencing for Chinounye.

Kate Kamanda appeared for the State, Hmetro reports.

By Mandisa