Gweru Woman Arrested for Murdering Husband's Girlfriend in Their Matrimonial Bed[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Gweru Woman Arrested for Murdering Husband’s Girlfriend in Their Matrimonial Bed

A Gweru woman has been arrested for the murder of her husband’s girlfriend after she caught them in their matrimonial bed upon returning from an all-night prayer.

Betrayal and Unbearable Pain

Stacy Thokozani Mkandla’s world shattered when she caught her husband, Tafadzwa Emmanuel Munyoro,  and his girlfriend, Brightness Phiri in their matrimonial bed. Overwhelmed by pain and a sense of betrayal, she sought revenge and unleashed a savage knife attack on the naked girlfriend, resulting in her tragic death.

Details of the Incident

According to Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, the murder took place in Mkoba 14 at approximately 4 am on Saturday.

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Stacy’s Shocking Discovery

Having left the previous day for an all-night prayer, Stacy returned home earlier than anticipated, around 4 am. Unlocking the door, she made a beeline for their bedroom, only to find Brightness in bed with her husband.

A Violent Confrontation

Enraged, Stacy retrieved a knife from the kitchen, but her husband managed to defend himself and fled the bedroom with the weapon. Inside the room, Stacy, consumed by anger, reportedly obtained another knife and repeatedly stabbed Brightness.

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A Tragic Escape

Despite her injuries, Brightness managed to escape, scaling over a wall and fleeing naked. Tragically, she collapsed and died in a nearby street. Her lifeless body bore four stab wounds.

Arrest and Custody

Following the harrowing incident, Stacy turned herself in to the police and was subsequently taken into custody.

A Plea for Counseling

Inspector Mahoko emphasized the importance of seeking counseling when confronted with extreme situations rather than resorting to violence. The police urge individuals to utilize available support systems instead of taking the law into their own hands.