Gweru Retail Supervisor Suspended Amid Shocking Intimate-for-Jobs Scandal[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Gweru Retail Supervisor Suspended Amid Shocking Intimate-for-Jobs Scandal

A Gweru retail outlet supervisor has been suspended following revelations of intimate for jobs scandal. The scandal came to light when several employees were terminated due to a series of theft incidents.

Adulterous Relationship Exposed in Phone Recording

Abel Chikanya, the supervisor at the center of the controversy, was caught in a phone recording engaging in a conversation with one of the dismissed workers. The conversation brought to light her dissatisfaction with Chikanya’s failure to provide protection despite their alleged adulterous relationship.

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Allegations of Multiple Relationships Surface

The dismissed worker further disclosed that she had learned about other employees having their own relationships with Abel. Sources have now come forward, reporting that the supervisor was suspended last week. Numerous women expressed their grievances after losing their jobs, which prompted the store’s management to take notice.

Previous Incident Adds to the Turmoil

This current situation bears a striking resemblance to a previous incident involving Abel, where women sought protection but felt used and abandoned. As pressure mounted on Chikanya to address their grievances, the scandal inevitably spilled over into the workplace, causing a ripple effect of turmoil.

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In response to the mounting allegations, the supervisor was suspended on Friday pending a thorough investigation. The retail outlet’s management aims to uncover the truth behind the claims and take appropriate action based on the findings of the investigation.


In an alarming similarity to the recent Chikanya scandal, the chief executive of TIMB recently found himself embroiled in an intimate scandal.

These incidents serve as a stark reminder of the widespread problem of intimate harassment and misconduct that persists across different industries