From Pastor to Debtor: High Court Orders Shingi Munyeza and Wife to Repay $100K Loan[Image Credit: Gambakwe Media]

From Pastor to Debtor: High Court Orders Shingi Munyeza and Wife to Repay $100K Loan

Shingi Munyeza, a prominent Zimbabwean businessman and pastor, and his wife, Wilma, have been ordered by the High Court to repay a US$100,000 loan. They received the loan from one of their congregants, Marjorie Mutemererwa.

The loan was supposed to have been liquidated by January 31. But the couple failed to repay the money, which was borrowed after Munyeza requested funds for an emergency.

Justice David Mangota, the High Court judge, ordered the couple to repay the loan, reported hmetro. The couple must also pay interest on the sum at the prescribed rate from February 1st, 2023, until payment in full.

“Shingi and Wilma Munyeza be and hereby ordered, jointly and severally, and in solidum the one paying the other, to be absolved to pay US$100 000 being a refund money lent and advanced to them. The couple be and hereby ordered to pay interest on the sum calculated at the prescribed rate from February 1st, 2023 to date of payment in full,” reads the order.

Failed Promises to Repay

Munyeza had promised to repay the loan, plus a generous interest of US$15,000 by January 31, but failed to do so. After some back and forth, he promised to repay Mutemererwa on February 28, but again failed.

Mutemererwa reported the matter to the police, but Munyeza was not arrested, prompting her to turn to the High Court.

Mutemererwa said that she agreed to advance the money since the couple was reasonably friendly and she knew them. The deal was finalised the following day, and Mutemererwa transferred the money into Munyeza’s Botswana account.

Latest Chapter of Ongoing Saga

The loan repayment saga has been unfolding for several months, and this latest ruling has put the couple in a tight spot. The Munyezas have been ordered to pay a significant amount of money, which they have failed to repay despite promising to do so.