Former PRINTFLOW Financial Accountant Accused of Pocketing US$76K Fuel Coupon[Image Credit: Printflow Facebook]

Former PRINTFLOW Financial Accountant Accused of Stealing US$76K Fuel Coupons

Ruvimbo Gladys Kanyamaure, a former assistant financial accountant at PRINTFLOW (Pvt) Ltd, has been accused of stealing fuel coupons valued at US$76K. The charges were brought against her, and she appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi yesterday. Kanyamaure did not enter a plea.

Responsibility for Fuel Coupons

Kanyamaure’s role involved ordering and recording fuel coupons in the company’s fuel register and entering data into the PECAS computer system. According to the allegations, she received a total of 102,045 liters of fuel coupons from Redan Coupons (Pvt) Ltd. Out of this amount, she distributed 50,210 liters to various drivers upon request. However, it is claimed that she kept the remaining 51,835 liters for personal use and failed to provide them when demanded by her employer. The fuel coupons have an estimated value of US$76K.

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Another Fraud Case Emerges

Hu Dong

In a separate incident, a Chinese businessman, Hu Dong, has been charged with fraud amounting to R2.7 million (approximately US$187,000). Dong, residing in Johannesburg, appeared before Harare magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa. He was remanded in custody, and his bail considerations will be reviewed today.

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The Alleged Misrepresentation

Dong is accused of misrepresenting himself to Sunny Yifeng Tiles Company in Norton. It is alleged that on June 17 of the previous year, Dong convinced the company that he could pay for tiles worth R1,007,224. The tiles were delivered to an unknown location in South Africa. Dong purportedly sent a fake proof of payment claiming the funds had been transferred from his Standard Bank account to the company’s Ecobank account.

Repeat Offense and Apprehension

On August 24, Dong allegedly ordered a second batch of tiles worth R649,952 that were supposed to be delivered to an unknown destination in South Africa. Unfortunately, another fake proof of payment was sent.

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Recently, Dong returned to Zimbabwe and tried to use the same method to acquire tiles worth US$45,000. Confronted about previous fraud, he promised to resolve the issue and was offered overnight accommodation. However, as he tried to escape through a window without payment, he was arrested.

In conclusion, Fraud cases similar to the Chinese incident are increasing. H-Metro recently reported that a Christ Embassy Church pastor is in court for fraud.