Ezekiel Guti Now In Paradise: Prophet Reveals How ZAOGA Founder Qualified For HeavenEzekiel Guti (Image Credit: ZAOGA FIF)

Prophet Confirms: Apostle Ezekiel Guti Now in Paradise After Heavenly Qualification


In a remarkable proclamation, self-proclaimed Zimbabwean prophet Talent Madungwe has declared that the late Apostle Ezekiel Guti, founder and leader of ZAOGA Forward in Faith International Ministries, is now in Paradise after he was granted entry into Heaven. Prophet Madungwe, in an exclusive interview with SlymediaTV, unveiled the extraordinary news, stating that the esteemed apostle had qualified for heavenly status.

Heavenly Qualification

“As I speak right now, he is now in Paradise. The process has already been completed. The process was started yesterday and was completed this morning by the Heavenly Army,” Prophet Madungwe asserted confidently.

The prophet further explained that the Heavenly Army plays a crucial role in determining the destination of a person’s spirit after death. According to him, Apostle Guti qualified for heaven due to his outstanding contributions to God’s ministry and his humility.

“Archbishop Ezekiel Guti had qualified for heaven based on two things. Firstly, he had done great work in furthering God’s ministry and converting lost souls. Secondly, Baba Guti qualified because he was very humble and did not speak ill of other churches,” Madungwe added.

Special Treatment for a Spiritual General in Heaven

Notably, Prophet Madungwe emphasized that Apostle Guti’s heavenly journey was not ordinary, as he deserved special treatment. He claimed that Guti did not use the public gate to enter heaven, as he was considered one of God’s generals.

Community Mourning and Reflection

This news has sent shockwaves through the ZAOGA community, who are deeply mourning the loss of their revered founder. To honor the extraordinary life and immeasurable contributions of Archbishop Prof E.H. Guti, the community has initiated a 30-day Celebration period, extending from July 6, 2023, to August 5, 2023.

Temporary Suspension of Activities

During this commemorative period, the church will temporarily suspend conferences, council meetings, seminars, and tournaments, as a mark of respect. However, prayer gatherings, including the beloved Tuesday Ladies prayer meetings, will continue to provide solace and strength to the church and its members.

United in Prayer

The ZAOGA community encourages its followers to unite in their localities, offering prayers for the steadfastness of Mother Prof Eunor Guti, the Guti family, and the wider church community. While the church advises against traveling to Harare for the celebrations until the official date is communicated, the faithful are urged to remain connected and participate in the solemn reflections on the profound impact Archbishop Guti had on their lives.

Celebrating Apostle Guti’s Legacy

Indeed, the news of Apostle Ezekiel Guti’s heavenly entry has sparked both celebration and contemplation within the ZAOGA community, as they continue to honor his memory and legacy.