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Deadly Highway Race Leads to Jail Time for Reckless Zebra Kiss & Rimbi Bus Drivers

Two bus drivers from Rimbi Travel and Tours and Zebra Kiss bus company have been sentenced to prison after a deadly highway race resulted in a fatal accident earlier this year. The reckless race, which was caught on camera by a passenger, saw the two drivers racing along the Harare Nyamapanda highway before causing a collision that killed a conductor who was on the Rimbi bus.

Zebra Kiss Driver Sentenced to Two Years

The Zebra Kiss driver was the first to be tried and was found guilty of culpable homicide. Mike Makwara, 49, was sentenced to two years in prison after a full trial during which he denied the charges. The magistrate sitting at Mutoko Court found Makwara guilty of blocking the Rimbi Tours bus from overtaking, leading to the competitor’s bus ramming against a truck that was travelling in the same direction. The accident, which occurred along the Mutoko-Nyamapanda road, also leftover 20 passengers injured.

Rimbi Travel and Tours Driver Sentenced to Three Years

Misheck Penyai, the driver from Rimbi Travel and Tours, was sentenced to three years in prison after he was convicted of culpable homicide. However, six months were suspended, leaving an effective sentence of two and a half years.

Transport Minister Suspends Operating Licences

The incident, which caused public uproar, led Transport Minister Felix Mhona to suspend the two transporters’ operating licences pending compliance with some set safety requirements.  The licences were later restored.

Reckless driving can have severe consequences, as shown in this case. The bus drivers involved not only caused the loss of a life but also put the lives of their passengers in danger. It is essential that all drivers adhere to traffic laws and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. The punishment given to these drivers should serve as a warning to all others who may be tempted to engage in similar reckless behavior.