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Chikomba Pfacha Pamba: Wife’s Boyfriend Masquerades as Brother in Shocking Scheme to Fool Husband

Husband, Rodwin Mukaratima, has claimed that he was fooled into believing that his wife’s boyfriend(chikomba) was her brother. Rodwin is a football coach in Domboshava. This was revealed while responding to accusations of abuse levelled against him by his estranged wife, Lecture Chikerema.

Abuse Allegations by Wife

Lecture applied for a peace order against Rodwin, alleging that he would assault her and call her a prostitute when he returned from his trips.

“He can disappear for a week or two and when he returns, he assaults me, saying I’m a prostitute. He even sends messages to my relatives saying I’m a prostitute,” she told the court.

Rodwin denied the allegations and accused Lecture of cheating on him with a man she introduced as her brother.

Cheating Accusations by Husband

“I once found them at midnight with blankets in the lounge and asked them why they were still up, and she told me that they were praying. The children were sleeping on the floor,” said Rodwin.

He said his 11-year-old son was the one who told him that the two were being intimate, reported hmetro.

Rodwin said Lecture’s application for a peace order was part of her cover-up strategy after he discovered her romantic affair.

Peace Order Granted

The magistrate granted Lecture the peace order and advised them to seek marriage counselling. She also asked Rodwin why he took the gas tank, which is used to cook for his three children, and he said he was angry and promised to return it today.

In conclusion, the case highlights the importance of seeking counselling and resolving marital disputes through peaceful means.