Bulawayo Man Weeps in Court, Confesses to Stealing Cars to Impress Girlfriends and Spice Up Romantic Dates[Image Credit: B-Metro]

Bulawayo Man Weeps in Court, Confesses to Stealing Cars to Impress Girlfriends and Spice Up Romantic Dates

A 22-year-old man from Bulawayo wept and confessed in court to stealing cars in order to impress his girlfriends and spice up romantic dates.

Denzel Jinjikwa, appearing before Bulawayo regional magistrate Sibonginkosi Mkandla, faced four counts of motor vehicle theft.

Emotional Admission

Denzel Jinjikwa

Jinjikwa’s tearful confession prompted the magistrate to order a one-hour recess to allow him to compose himself. Wailing like a banshee, he pleaded guilty and begged for forgiveness, admitting to stealing the cars to impress his girlfriends and facilitate outings with them.

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Guilty Verdict and Sentencing

Despite his emotional display, the court found Jinjikwa guilty on all four counts of theft. He was sentenced to four years in prison for each count, with the magistrate suspending a year from each sentence, resulting in an effective sentence of 12 years behind bars.

Acknowledging Cooperation, Emphasizing Seriousness

The magistrate acknowledged Jinjikwa’s status as a first-time offender who cooperated by pleading guilty, saving the court’s time. However, the seriousness of the crime was emphasized, particularly the use of sophisticated methods to steal the vehicles.

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Crimes and Investigations

The court heard that on January 18, Simaphi Magosvongwe, a pastor, parked her Honda Fit car near Mutize Flea Market. Jinjikwa unlocked and stole the vehicle, which was later recovered near Mpilo Central Hospital.

On February 1, Maxwell Pfachi parked his Honda Fit near his workplace. Jinjikwa used unknown methods to unlock and steal the car, which was found abandoned in New Lobengula suburb.

On February 2, Jinjikwa observed Gladys Dliwayo parking her Honda Fit. He employed the same techniques to steal the vehicle, leading to his subsequent arrest and car recovery.

Finally, on February 6, Jinjikwa approached Minenhle Siziba’s parked car and deceived her daughter, claiming her mother had sent him to take her and some items into town. Believing him, the minor girl exited the vehicle, and Jinjikwa drove away.