Tenant Kills Landlord Over Eviction Notice  Tenant Kills Landlord Over Eviction Notice 

A Bulawayo resident, whose name has not been disclosed, found himself in a harrowing and traumatic experience after he was allegedly sodomised by an acquaintance over a US$7 debt. The shocking ordeal came to light when Sipho Ndlovu (28) appeared before Bulawayo Regional Magistrate Joseph Mabeza facing charges of sodomy, to which he pleaded not guilty.

According to the prosecution, on December 22nd last year, at approximately 9 am, the victim paid a visit to Ndlovu’s residence, seeking reimbursement for the US$7 he claimed was owed to him. Ndlovu reportedly invited him into his home and escorted him to his bedroom, where he locked the door and demanded that the debt be repaid in a most unusual manner.

After ordering the victim to undress, Ndlovu allegedly forced him to submit to sodomy and then rewarded him with a mere US$1, promising to pay the balance the following day. Despite the horrifying events, the victim did not confide in anyone, and it was only on January 16th that Ndlovu approached him and offered him a meagre sum of US$5 to tend his garden.

Bulawayo Man Sodomises US$7 Debt Collector
Bulawayo Man Sodomises US$7 Debt Collector

While he was working, Ndlovu reportedly attempted to molest him again, prompting the victim to fight back and report the matter to the police, resulting in Ndlovu’s arrest. A medical report was presented in court as evidence, corroborating the victim’s account of the incident.

In his defence, Bmetro reports, Ndlovu claimed the accusations were false, as he had no interest in men, stating that the victim was intoxicated when he demanded his money, and thus unreliable.

“The complainant was drunk when he came to my house demanding his money.

“He should try to remember the culprit because l am ‘happily’ married and l have no interest in men,” said Ndlovu.

The case was adjourned until April 14th for trial.


By Mandisa