Baba Harare's Show In Botswana Turns Chaotic As Promoter Uses Pepper Spray On Fans[Image Credit: Instagram/Baba Harare]

Chaos at Baba Harare’s Botswana Concert: Fans Forced to Flee And Vomit After Promoter’s Controversial Move

Baba Harare’s concert in Botswana turned into pandemonium as music enthusiasts were forced to flee for safety while avoiding projectiles thrown by angry fans.

Eyewitnesses report that the scene was so intense that many fans were injured, and some even lost consciousness and vomited uncontrollably.

To restore order, the show’s promoter had to resort to using pepper spray, which left concert-goers in agony and distress.

The Root Cause of the Baba Harare Botswana Concert Chaos


Initially, everything seemed to be going well, with the concert-goers basking in the joy and excitement of the event featuring Baba Harare and Ndunge Yut.

However, trouble started brewing when the promoter failed to settle Baba Harare’s performance fee, causing mounting frustration among the fans.

Ndunge Yut had already performed and made a lasting impression on the audience when things took a turn for the worse. Fans, incensed by the promoter’s inaction, vented their fury by throwing bottles and other objects, which only made the situation worse.

Fan Reactions and Calls for Accountability from King Jagaban


Despite attempts to reach King Jagaban, the promoter, for comment, he remained unresponsive. Fans who spoke to H-Metro expressed dissatisfaction and demanded an apology from him.

According to an anonymous fan, the promoter in question has a track record of reneging on payments, citing various instances of unfulfilled agreements.

The same fan also raised concerns about the rationale behind using pepper spray on attendees within a confined area.

“The promoter ahasii kubhadara vanhu in time ask Kinna kana Calaz even Freeman vanokuudzai it’s not good. How come unosprayer makavharika musina enough space? Vatiiuraira industry kuno, that Nigerian guy and his wife mahwani,” said a fan.

Another fan described the chain of events that culminated in the promoter unleashing pepper spray on concert attendees. According to him, chaos erupted around 3:30 am when Baba Harare had yet to take the stage and some fans resorted to hurling cans in frustration.

He also lamented that although the issue has been reported to the authorities, it has been swept under the rug due to the immense clout wielded by the promoter, who intimidates artists into silence.

“The matter was reported to the police but, since these guys are powerful, the case was kept under the carpet. They are even threatening artists for being vocal and telling them not to say anything,” he said.

According to another attendee, the promoter of the concert unleashed pepper spray on the audience and then went into hiding in a bar. However, despite attempts to communicate with him, the promoter is now making threats towards them.