AVM and Local Bus Operators Wanted for Revolutionary Vehicle Manufacturing Project[image Credit: Facebook]

AVM and Local Bus Operators Wanted for Revolutionary Vehicle Manufacturing Project

The Bus and Truck Cluster Value Chain seeks local bus operators and renowned industry leaders like AVM to collaborate in vehicle manufacturing and assembly project. This partnership supports Zimbabwe’s component manufacturing and industrialization strategy, meeting fleet requirements.

Empowering Transportation Sector and Beyond

With its expertise in manufacturing and assembly, the organization strives to become a vital resource for transport, farmers, and commercial operators in the region. Their objective is to enhance the transportation sector and empower various industries.

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Chairman Advocates AVM Rise

Mr. Patrick Munyaradzi, the chairman of the organization emphasized the importance of promoting local manufacturing and assembly of buses and trucks. He highlighted the positive impact it would have on Zimbabwe’s transportation sector and the broader African market.

“We are working closely with renowned industry leaders such as Amalgamated Buses Industries, Deven Engineering, AVM Africa, Quest Motors, and Willovale Motor Industries. Together, we possess the expertise and capability to produce buses and trucks tailored to the unique needs of transport operators,” stated Mr Munyaradzi.

Engaging Operators for Tailored Solutions

The Chairman stressed the need for bus and transport operators to visit the assembly plants and offices of the Bus and Truck Cluster Value Chain. He urges them to discuss their requirements and explore financing options for cost-effective solutions for the project. This initiative aligns with the goal of advancing manufacturing and assembly in Zimbabwe and the African Continental Free Trade Area.

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The Bus and Truck Cluster Value Chain’s call to action showcases the potential for collaboration between industry players and transportation operators. Together, they can boost local manufacturing, improve regional transportation services, and fuel Zimbabwe’s economic growth. By uniting their efforts, they lay the foundation for a prosperous future.